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The Shower

September 15th, 2012

Blogs are hard work. Well, maybe not hard. But time consuming.

We’ve actually been making some progress here in the home. Finally got trim up around the front door!

Pulled out the nasty vinyl shower surround.

and are getting ready to tile it.

Renovating, in and of itself, is not “green”. I know this. Ideally homes would be built from the earth and stand for hundreds and hundreds of years. This is possible. It’s done and has been done for a long long time. It’s not the “norm” here in America, though. Currently there are more homes than people that can afford to occupy them. This results in decay and eventually complete demolition. Where do the demolished materials go? More often than not, the dump.
When I decided to redo the shower, I knew this meant throwing out the vinyl sheets that were currently in there. As much as I’d love to pass them on to someone else, it was old and cracking. Water was seeping in behind it in spots leaving the potential for mold to grow, which is no good.

I like tile. I LOVE tile. If I could afford it (and didn’t think it’d look ridiculous) I’d probably tile my whole house. Tile, regardless of its sources, is relatively “green”. Of course there are good options and better options. As a whole, though, it’s mostly “natural”.. of the earth, if you will. Our kitchen floors are slate. Counters marble. These are both natural stone harvested directly from the earth. As a strong opponent of mountain top removal coal mining, I understand that this remains a debatable source of building materials, but it’s gotta be better than those, such as vinyl, that are derived from petrol. Our bathroom floors are broken ceramic tile. For those we salvaged broken tiles from a big box home improvement store that would have otherwise probably been discarded. The shower wall will be ceramic tile as well, though I’m not feeling as ambitious (mosaic is hard work) so we’re just going with an 18×18 field tile with some glass accent.

Along with pulling out the vinyl surround, I had to pull down some lath and plaster. In retrospect, I probably could have gotten away with not doing the whole area in question and simply chiseling it down to clean lines that would be filled with drywall, but.. it’s done now. In the houses former life, someone decided to put in a bunch of drop ceilings. The bathroom was one of the victims. This was one of the first things to go when we first moved in. In framing said drop ceiling (or maybe in removing it) the plaster in said areas was destroyed. While I’ve become quite handy with “hot mud” and a putty knife, I remain NOT a plaster artist, so I can’t construct a plaster wall from scratch. It’s unfortunate, as I find them quite fascinating. What with being constructed with horse hair and all.

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2 Responses to “The Shower”

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  2. Gina

    Oh, my can I ever relate (including the blog comment!) I finally closed on my west end house on the 13th of July and have been moving (at first) full steam ahead until life got in the way! I am now trying to work again after about a month hiatus. I am so anxious to be done with ONE room! :)

    Yeah, what is with the drop down ceilings??? I have two rooms with them (a bedroom and the living room) in this old house. I started pulling down the upstairs bedroom first and found a nightmare of crumbling plaster. I doubt I can reconstruct the plaster and, in interest of lower heating bills, am going to replace it with drywall. Sadly, the roof on the upstairs part of the house had been leaking for some time.

    I love how the trim looks in the above photo!

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