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On the Bright Side

February 2nd, 2012

Even though our neighborhood is riddled with vacant properties things are looking up.

Even though we live in a food desert there is hope.

You see, there has been this vacant convenience store across the street since we moved in. I imagine it went down with the other business’ that relied on liqueur sales, because there are definitely no gas pumps out front to bring people in.
I would look at it and think how wonderful it’d be if it was a thrift store. B dreamt of it being a health food store. I’d take about anything over a neglected property.

Just last month some fellows decided to take it on.

It’s none of the things we imagined. It’s just a simple convenience store, but that’s ok. It’s something!
B says they’re going to have a deli. This is great news! If it’s a community gathering place. A place for kids to grab a snack. I’m fine with it all.

B told them about Healthy in a Hurry and we will be even more excited if they can be added to the list of places to pick up fresh produce. Maybe that snack can be an apple instead of doritos.

Meanwhile, I’m just happy to see the space occupied.

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One Response to “On the Bright Side”

  1. Gina

    Good news indeed!

    I discovered your blog while finding info about urban farms and such. I am also living in Louisville and trying my hardest to convince a bank to take my cash offer on a foreclosed property in one of the underserved communities (e.g. Portland, West End, Shelby, etc.) It has not been as easy as I thought it would be. I seem to be constantly out-bid by investors. It’s been a constant frustration!

    I am interested in your adventure because it is similar to the one I plan to embark on. I love Louisville’s history and have taken chances on ghetto properties before and ended up coming to love the areas I lived in. Now, I just have to find a bank that wants to unload a decaying home on me in Louisville!

    I applaud you and your family for taking a chance on the West End!!

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